Non-Profit Call Centers & Fundraising

Non-Profit Call Centers & Fundraising

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Non-Profit Call Centers & Fundraising

When you outsource your charitable giving campaigns to Specialty’s non-profit call center, you’re giving sponsors 24/7 access to make donations. Whether you operate during traditional business hours or 24-hours a day, our friendly, skilled agents will be there to take your calls, answer questions, and process donations. The citizens of the world need you. And you need us.

Non-profit organizations are compassionate and dedicated, and they make the world a better place. It would be easy to help people on a grand scale if money grew on trees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Philanthropic organizations rely on donations to amass the funds that support their causes and the individuals and groups who need them. Fundraising requires phone calls – and lots of them.

Our Call center partners can provide both inbound and outbound services to your organization. These services include:

  • Outbound calls to your list of donors
  • Outbound solicitation calls according to your specific time selection
  • Donor acquisition
  • Donation cultivation
  • Donor retention
  • Lead generation
  • Inbound customer service
  • Seasonal inbound agents during busy times of the year

24/7 Availability

Since marketing your telethon and pushing for donations is a 24- hour job, it only makes sense for you to be available to your donors 24/7 as well. If you’re only accepting calls from 9-5, you’ll cut down on your donation efforts which will wind up hurting your non-profit instead of helping. Our inbound call handling services are available around the clock to take calls no matter what time it is

Increased Funding & Donor Retention

Nonprofit entities rely on fundraising efforts to meet their financial goals. Since our 300+ operators are available 24/7, your callers will never have to wait long to reach someone, which means an easy and pleasant interaction. Because your callers won’t experience any frustration when participating in your telethon, they’ll be more likely to donate more, and come back when you air your campaign again. No matter how big or small your efforts, our non-profit call center scales with you.

Professional Brand Representation

In order to maximize your donations and donor retention, you need a professional image. Otherwise, people won’t trust your brand and won’t donate. Trust is a must. Our agents are all professionally trained and will uphold your organizations’ standards to the highest regard.

Outbound Calling for Increased Productivity

Inbound donations are essential, but outbound solicitations for donors are the icing on the call center outsourcing cake. If you have a list of known patrons who have donated to your charity before, you can use our cold call centers so we can reach out to those donors for you and guarantee pledge fulfillment. You can also use our outbound calling feature to say “thank you” to all that have donated to your cause already! Outbound calling is a great way to provide even more donation revenue to your organization.

Lower Your Costs

We understand that funds are limited in non-profit organization. With our flexible pricing structure, you can use our non-profit call center as a cost-effective method to get the most bang for your buck, without having to hire additional staff. If you have internal HR issues like volunteers that aren’t volunteering, we can be there to bridge the gap with very affordable solutions.

Backend Communications can help your non-profit raise funds on your next campaign!

We can help you ensure a successful fundraising campaign by connecting you with the call center that best fits your requirements. Non-profit call centers integrate with your company’s culture and systems and can provide 24/7 customer service. Simply fill out the form and we will introduce you to the best 4-5 non-profit call centers in our network — at NO charge!


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