Leveraging customer service essentials for Sales/Support interactions via

Inbound Sales

Customer Interactions which are intended to prompt product/service information, we classify them as Inbound Sales. Agents rely on client SOPs to pitch a sale or generate a lead for future follow-ups.

Outbound Sales

Mostly Cold-Calls which require agents to endorse a product/service, aiming to pitch a sale. Prospects lacking interest in these products/services, are informed of the USPs of these offerings.

Inbound Support

Customers seeking after-sale service in terms of customer support is derived from our Inbound Support. Queries relating to product/service usage are generally addressed within these sort of interactions.

Outbound Support

As a part of after-sale service, we follow up on unaddressed complaints/queries. Outbound Support pertains to the same, also confirming query resolution and the closing of tickets issued for future reference.

Customer Interactions

Customer Interactions occur in various forms. Let’s look into these in greater detail:


Modes of Communication

Backend Agents have proficiency conducting conversations via all customer-preferred channels! 

Inbound Services

Voice Calls

Telephonic interactions have a higher chance of getting disconnected while these are easily misinterpreted if the right impression is not conveyed. The agent’s attentiveness or even his/her empathetic behaviour may fail at any point of the conversation.

The vocal tone and the choice of words determine whether a customer service agent would be able to engage the customer into a conversation, intended to resolve a query or to urge him/her to buy respective product/service. At Backend Communications, no customer disconnects at a dissatisfactory note!

Email Messages

Email support is the most convenient form of correspondence, at least for the customer, as it allows for the composure of individuals while they are able to structure their thoughts to convey a query.

Unlike the swiftness of customer service agents, that prompts for an instant reply from the customer, people are more inclined towards relying on email messaging to seek customer support.

Another added-benefit is the secrecy that comes only from email support, which keeps the conversation private from a third-party interference. Moreover, the messages can be stored and referred to at a later date. Backend’s emailing ensures prompt responses and guarantees query resolution at the earliest convenience!

Email Customer Support
live chat backend communications

“Live Chat”

Comparative to other modes of communication, live chat is our most dynamic channel  to seek customer support. It is most suited for customers looking to get immediate response and swift resolution to persisting issues. It is a technological advancement which covers the drawbacks of telephonic and email conversations.

It works best for businesses looking to increase their brand loyalty as it brings more customer satisfaction knowing that one’s being heard and query resolution is in progress. Sales pitch/lead generation, in a text scenario , also demands equal persuasion and tactfulness from agents in making more sales over a period of time. The differential factor in our textual interactions opposing to other contact centers, is the adept aptitude of backend agents in employing unconventional approaches to satisfy customer need.

Our Values

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