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You want to sell a new product and think about outbound call center services? That can be a good choice – if you know how to choose the right call center for your business. Find out how to do this and more useful information in this article!

What is an Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call center deals exclusively with outbound calls. The call center calls the customer – for example to inform him about the latest offers or to sell something. Classic outbound call center services include new customer acquisition, appointments, address qualification, market research, customer surveys and service calls to strengthen long-term customer loyalty.

Why do I need an Outbound Call Center?

Whether it’s B2B or B2C: Outbound call centers are an efficient way to win customers. As a strong backbone for the sales organization, the call center takes over appointment making or address qualifications, for example, while sales concentrates on customer acquisition. In After Sales, the call center can also keep up the dialogues with the customer and provide valuable insights.

The 5 advantages of Outbound Outsourcing

  • Long-term sales increase
  • Strengthening and reducing the workload of sales and field staff (without additional employees)
  • A large pool of sales talent
  • Full cost control
  • Easy scalability

What do I need to consider with Outbound?

When outsourcing an outbound campaign, you should pay attention not only to the industry experience but also to the sales expertise of your future partner. Outbound call center agents must have different skills than inbound agents! The sales staff, for example, should be strong communicators, not afraid of rejection, and should push for sales in a goal-oriented manner.

Even more important than the team is the team leadership, who is responsible for the motivation, control, supervision and daily “training on the job” of the outbound call center team. A good team leader cans double the number of hourly calls per agent, even without the unpopular Power Dialers*! If the conversions are right, the leads will double as well.

For an optimal conversion rate you need a good conversation guide and the right addresses. The addresses must be up-to-date and of high quality – but many outbound call centers do not offer address delivery. That’s why we at Backend Communications work together with various address suppliers and are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.

By the way: A great guide can make the difference between 0.1% and 20% conversions – even if there are only three to four sentences. That’s why you should choose an experienced partner as your outbound call center!

Backend Communications will be happy to offer your assistance from our experienced consultants. They can provide you with professional advice throughout the entire project. Take advantage of the comprehensive know-how from many years of call center business.

* A Power Dialer is an automated telephone dialing system – the agent does not dial on his own but is assigned the calls according to the corresponding specifications.

What does GDPR say?

GDPR and UWG regulate the conditions unambiguously: call centers and companies may continue to offer telemarketing and other outbound services. In this case the target groups B2B and B2C matter:

  • In the B2B area, sales via an outbound call center are still permitted. The companies to be called only have to have a general interest and the product should be in the economic interest and scope of the customer. This means that if you are selling online training for caregivers, you should not call a car manufacturer
  • In the B2C sector, sales via a call center are prohibited. If you want to contact a private customer, you need the prior consent of the customer. This also applies to existing customers if the call has a sales target.

By the way: Because obtaining the consent of private customers takes a lot of time, there are specialized address suppliers. Then you will receive the addresses including the required consent (opt-in). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Outbound Call Center: What are the pricing models?

In outbound, a distinction is made between performance-based pricing models, hourly or call-based payment. In the performance-based model, the call center receives a commission per appointment, lead or order. The call center assumes the full risk – if there is no success, you pay nothing. With the second option, the call center and customer agree on a fixed price per hour or per call.

Our recommendation: Choose a combination of both price models. A fixed-price component takes the pressure off the outbound call center, while the performance-based commission provides additional motivation.

Often it also makes sense to start with an hourly fee as part of a pilot project and then switch to a performance-based model. This gives the call center the opportunity to gather valuable experience so that there are no unpleasant surprises. If you want to compare prices and pricing models for Outbound Call Center Services, sign up now for Backend Communications for free

How to easily find your Outbound Call Center?

Backend Communications makes it easier than ever to find a call center. You can count on the following benefits:

  • We offer your company the fastest way to receive quotes from call centers.
  • We will provide you with a consultant with many years of call center experience who will set up the project together with you and invite suitable call centers to submit bids.
  • You can compare quotes and call centers directly on Backend Communications. We will be happy to assist you with the evaluation. Our goal is to find the most suitable supplier for your company!
  • We support you in obtaining the appropriate addresses.
  • You benefit from the best quality, attractive offers, free service and greatly reduced effort.

Backend Communications offers you professional support in outsourcing to an outbound call center. Please contact us if you are looking for a partner for your outbound project.


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