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Are you looking for an inbound call center for your company? Our article answers the most important questions! From the advantages of outsourcing and costs to fast and efficient call center search. Find out now so that you can choose a suitable call center for your company!

1. What is an inbound call center?

An inbound call center is responsible for incoming calls. When a customer calls, the call center picks up the phone and takes care of the customer’s request – it’s usually a matter of classic customer service. Inbound examples include telephone services such as a hotline, “first level support” or a help or service desk where customers can report faults, submit complaints or order products

2. Why is an inbound call center useful?

Customer demands are rising continuously. Customers expect flawless communication, immediate answers and even faster solutions – but for many companies this is not always possible. Inbound call centers provide a solution – while you offer your customers excellent support, you gain more time for your core business. With a good call center, you optimize the customer experience and avoid a loss of revenue due to annoyed customers.

Important: If you engage an external call center, you should choose carefully. The service must be reliable and of good quality – pay attention to a possible specialization of the provider in certain industries, previous references and expected costs. We are happy to help you with your search and advise you free of charge!

5 Advantages of Inbound Outsourcing

  • Flexible capacity with seasonal capacity utilization
  • More time for your core business
  • Reduction of fixed costs
  • Qualified employees
  • Easy scalability

3. What inbound outsourcing options are there?

You don’t always need your “own team” in the call center. There are different models in the inbound area that you can combine:

Shared team

A shared team can be useful for projects with small volumes or customer inquiries that are difficult to plan. The call center agents process not only your inquiries, but also inquiries from other customers. You “share” the customer service basically with other companies.

Advantages of a Shared Team

You don’t pay for standby times when agents are just waiting for calls and you can save thereby a lot of money. Since not all call centers offer shared teams, you need to find the right partner.

Dedicated team

A dedicated team works only for your company. In comparison to a shared team, you also have to pay for standby times – but a dedicated team can be useful for large or well-planned call volumes.

Both models can be combined with each other. For example, you can choose a dedicated team during your core business hours and a shared team during the night shift. This is particularly suitable for internationally active companies that offer their customer service in several time zones.

4. What are the pricing models?

Inbound call centers use different pricing models. The most common is a charge per hour, per minute, per transaction or per agent. A flat rate per month is also possible.

5. How is outsourcing implemented?

The implementation of an inbound service always takes place in close consultation with the customer. Outsourcing begins with the so-called “ramp-up” phase – the customer and the provider jointly select the appropriate call center agents for the customer service. While team leaders and agents begin the training, the integration of the necessary order, fulfillment and customer management systems takes place. If necessary, this infrastructure will be rebuilt.

Tip: A good call center always ensures compliance with (customer) guidelines and processes for an optimal customer service. Reporting with the most important KPIs is also useful so that you can measure the success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us free of charge.

Find Call Centers for Inbound Services Now

Backend Communications makes it easier than ever to find the right call center. With us you can create a project and immediately receive offers from suitable call centers! You enjoy the following advantages:

  • Our service is 100% free.
  • We will provide you a consultant with many years of call center experience who will set up the project together with you and invite suitable call centers to submit a proposal.
  • You will receive an online access and can track which call centers have been invited and who has confirmed their participation.
  • You can compare the received proposals directly on Backend Communications. We are happy to assist you with the evaluation so that you can choose the most suitable supplier for your company.

With Backend Communications, you enjoy the best quality, attractive offers and a reduced call center search effort. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!

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